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Native American Authors



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Top 10 most popular Native American authors

Here is a list of 10 of the most interesting native American authors I have found. Some of their works will shed light on activism, culture, and history, while others expose the challenges of living on reservations or establishing an identity in the modern world. All are beautiful, well-written pieces of poetry, prose, and non-fiction that are excellent reads, regardless of the heritage of their authors. This list touches on just a few of the amazing Native American authors out there and can be a great starting point for those wanting to learn more about native americans.

Vine Deloria Jr. walks on

POSTED BY Colorado AIM In Honor of Vine Deloria, Jr. (1933-2005) The great indigenous visionary, philosopher, author and activist Vine Deloria, Jr. passed over to join his ancestors on November 13, 2005.