Muscogee (Creek) Treaties


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Numerous treaties were made with the Muscogee (Creek) Indians between 1790 and 1865. The Creek Indians resided in the Southeast.

The Apalachicola Band

The Apalachicola Band (also called Pallachacola) is the name given to numerous Native American settlements in the southeastern United States. They are related to the Muscogee (Creek) people.

They lived along the Apalachicola River in present-day Florida. Their name derives probably from Hitchiti Apalachicoli or Muskogee Apalachicolo, signifying apparently “People of the other side”, with reference probably to the Apalachicola River or some nearby stream.

Around 1706 some of the Apalachicola moved from the Apalachicola River area to the Savannah River, close to the colony of South Carolina. They may have been captured during English-sponsored slave raids and forced to relocate to the Savannah River.

A census taken in 1708 described the Apalachicola of the Savannah River as the “Naleathuckles”, with 80 men settled in a town about 20 miles up the Savannah River. A more accurate census was taken by John Barnwell in early 1715. This census describes the Savannah River Apalachicola as living in two villages and having a population of 214 people.

In the Yamasee War of 1715, they joined in the Native American attacks on South Carolina. Afterward the survivors returned to the Apalachicola River, near the juncture of the Chattahoochee River and Flint River. Some later moved north to live along the Chattahoochee River in present-day Russell County, Alabama.

After two Indian Removal Act treaties made in 1833 and 1834 with the United States, the Apalachicola moved in 1836–1840 to present-day Oklahoma. They merged with other Creek peoples.

The Apalachicola River is named after them, as is Apalachicola Bay and the city of Apalachicola, Florida.

Treaty With The Appalachicola Band, 1832

Treaty With The Appalachicola Band, 1833

Other Creek Treaties (Muscogee)

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