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In this section, we answer questions from our readers about Native American Indians.


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Are any of the natives in Alaska recognized as a sovereign nation? What does sovereignty mean?


1.  Are any of the natives in Alaska recognized as a sovereign nation?  For instance, can they issue their own passports?
2.  I have read a little about Faith Braswell of the Kitoi tribe — a friend pointed me to this article:
Have you heard of her or of this tribe and if so, where are they located?

     ~Submitted by Steven J

Hi Steven,
There are 229 federally recognized indian tribes in Alaska. The Alaskan tribes speak 20 different languages, belong to five geographic areas, are organized under thirteen Alaska Native Regional Corporations and have eleven different cultures. Alaskan natives make up 20% of the population of the state of Alaska.

All federally recognized tribes are sovereign nations, but they don’t issue passports. (Some tribes in the lower 48 states do issue driver’s licenses and car license plates, but not all of them.) Anyone can visit an indian nation without a passport both in Alaska and the lower 48 states. The only “border crossing” is a road sign saying you are entering such and such reservation. (In Alaska, they probably don’t even have signs, since the only way in to many of the indian villages is by dogsled or plane because they don’t have roads over much of Alaska.)
Are there any indian reservations in Florida?


Are there any indian reservations in Florida? We heard there was a tribe in Ormond Beach, Florida but cannot get any info on them.
–Submitted by Marie F.


There are indian reservations in Florida, but I don’t know of an Indian tribe with a reservation in Ormond Beach, Florida. There is a pow wow held there. It’s called the Native American Festival and is held at the Casement Cultural Center.

Are Zia Indians American Indians?


I am doing an assignment on american indians. I was just woundering if Zia indians (Zia Pueblo tribe) were american indians? Some of the information on the net is a bit confusing. –Submitted by Jaspa K.


Hi Jaspa,

Yes, the Zia Pueblo Indians are american indians. “Pueblo Indians” is a broad term that includes many separate tribes (villages) named after the pueblos (multi-story communal houses which form a village) they lived in, who were all related by common ancestors in ancient times. The Pueblo Indians are the descendants of the Hohokam, Mogollon, Keresan, and the Anasazi prehistoric cultures of the Southwestern United States and Mexico.

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