Looking for relatives of Kathryn Pacquin


Last Updated: 6 years

I am looking for my great Grandmothers people or anything about her. She commited suicide in Michigan, leaving my Grandmother Kathryn Pacquin and her brother Joseph.


They became orphans, of course and were farmed out as workers. They lost touch with one another and we have no history as it was difficuilt for my Gram to speak of her mothers death (she found her Mother hanging in the barn). My Gram went on to marry Oscar Edgar Owen, and had eight children, one being my Mother, Lynda Nell Owen.

There is also Marian, Lawrence, Patrick, Nina, Eileen, and Dennis. I would love to find this information for my Mom and our family. I would be grateful and thankful for any information.



If you have any information, please reply to capely@netzero.net