Zuni Legends

Achi and Ahayuta –  Twin War Gods, second-in-command to the Sun God, Awonawilona. 


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Coyote and Eagle Steal the Sun and Moon

Back when it was always dark, it was also always summer. One day, Coyote and Eagle went hunting. Coyote was a poor hunter because of the dark. Eventually, they came to the Kachinas, a powerful people. The Kachinas had the … Continue reading

Kokopelli, trickster God and fertility diety

Kokopelli is a trickster God and fertility diety recognized by many Southwest tribes that often appears in jewelry designs today. His picture has been found in petroglyphs dating back more than 1,000 years.

The Origins of Zuni Totems and Names

Now the Twain Beloved and the priest-fathers gathered in council for the naming and selection of man-groups and creature-kinds, and things. So they called the people of the southern space the Children of Summer, and those who loved the sun most became the Sun people.

Zuni men come into the light
Zuni Men of the Early Times