Pima, Papago, Oodham Legends

Pima and Papago (O’odham) Legends
Famous Pima / Papago / O’dham


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Pima Legend of the First People

AUTHOR: Pima Legend, Myth, Oral Story Pima legend of how the first man and first woman were made.

The Ark On Superstition Mountain – A Pima Legend

The Pima Indians of Arizona say that the father of all men and animals was the butterfly, Cherwit Make (earth-maker), who fluttered down from the clouds to the Blue Cliffs at the junction of the Verde and Salt Rivers, and from his own sweat made men. As the people multiplied they grew selfish and quarrelsome, so that Cherwit Make was disgusted with his handiwork and resolved to drown them all.