Paiute Legends

Paiute Legends
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Pyramid Lake Paiutes Origin Story: Stone Mother

One day the father of all Indians came to this area and lived on a mountain near stillwater. It is said that he was created near Reese River. He was a very great and good man. He was very lonesome and wished he had someone to keep him company.

One day, much later, Woman heard about Man, but she was married to Bear. She wished that someday she might see Man, and this made Bear very jealous. One day Woman and Bear had a fight. They fought for a long time and finally she knocked him down and killed him with a club. She decided to leave the country and go north in search of Man. She had many interesting experiences on her trip. Even today, her footprints can be seen along Mono Lake.

Wovoka’s ghost dance vision

James Mooney, an ethnologist with the Bureau of American Ethnology, was sent to investigate the Ghost Dance movement in 1891.  He obtained a copy of Wovoka’s message from a Cheyenne named Black Short Nose, who had been part of a … Continue reading