Omaha Legends

Omaha Legends


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Buffalo and the Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear was going somewhere, following the course of a stream, and at last he went straight towards the headland. When he got in sight, Buffalo Bull was standing beneath it. Grizzly Bear retraced his steps, going again to the stream, following its course until he got beyond the headland. Then he drew near and peeped.

Omaha Peace Pipe Legend

The Omaha people came across a great water on logs tied together. They pitched their tents on the shore. Then they thought to make for themselves certain bounds within which they were to live and rules which should govern them.

Rabbits and Turkeys Omaha Legend

According to an Omaha legend, Rabbit was going somewhere. At length he reached a place where there were wild Turkeys.“Come,” said Rabbit. “I will sing dancing songs for you.”

The Sacred Pole