Native American Symbols

Native American Symbols We are often asked by customers about the meaning of designs used in American Indian arts and crafts, particularly on jewelry and pottery.  While it is true that many design symbols represent specific ideas or things taken from a native american cultural context, it is also true that many are only peripherally related to the culture or religious beliefs of a particular tribe. What is significant to one tribe may or may not be meaningful to another tribe, or it may be interpreted in a different way. Many symbols are just an artist's interpretation of a pleasing pattern or patterns that look good together.In this section, we shall discuss some of the most common symbols found in native american art, crafts, and cultures.


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Common Hopi Symbols

Here are some common Hopi symbols.

More native american jewelry symbols

Here is another list of some of the most commonly seen Native American symbols and imagery that can be found throughout Native American Jewelry, along with what their symbolism means.

Pueblo symbols and their meanings

Symbols are visual clues that indicate or represent something. For the Pueblo Indians, colors have come to represent directions symbolically. For instance, for the Hopi, yellow represents north, white represents east, red represents south, blue represents west, and black represents “above.” For centuries, the Hopi have grown maize in each of these colors.

Reading the rocks: Hopi history in petroglyphs