Kalispel Legends

Kalispel legends are Salish legends.

Common Characters Found in Salish Legends

Coyote – The trickster figure of the Kalispel, Spokane, and Flathead Salish legends. Coyote is foolish and boastful. Sories about him are often humorous in nature; however, he is a well-meaning creature who usually acts for the good of humankind. Coyote frequently dies in the course of his adventures, often in humorous ways, but each time his patient friend Fox (by some accounts his brother) restores him to life.

Giants – There are many giants in the Kalispel legends.

Wild Men or Stick Indians -A race of tall Indians, called “wild” or “stick” Indians, was said to wander through the forests. In general conversation they were referred to as tsiatko although another term, steta’l, from ta’l, spear, could also be applied to them. Also called Seatco.

Similar to the modern day Big Foot. Occasionally, they stole children or adolescents and carried them off to act as wives or as slaves. Seatco tales were used to scare disobedient children.


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Coyote Moon Myth

AUTHOR: Kalispel Legend, Myth, Oral Story How Coyote was the Moon, then lost that job.