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Creation Legends
Yokut Creation Legend


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Apache Creation Story

Animals, elements, the solar system, and natural phenomena are revered by the Apaches. That which is beyond their understanding is always ascribed to the supernatural. Here is their creation story.

Cahuilla creation story

The Cahuilla Creation Story   The world began, we are told through our songs, with the creation of twin brothers, Mukat and Temayawet. Through the power of the Creator, the brothers made tobacco, the sacred pipe, the six directions, and … Continue reading

Cahuilla Creation Story as told by the Augustine Cahuilla

In the beginning there was darkness. From this darkness two twin gods came into being, Mukat and Témayawet. Both argued constantly over who was born first. They soon created the earth, the oceans and the sky. Afterwards Témayawet asked what they were to do next. Mukat responded that the question confirmed that it was he, Mukat, who was the eldest of the two, for he knew the answer.

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