Just as the Great Spirit planned


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Just as the Great Spirit planned.. KEYWORDS: native american poem native american poetry indian poem great spirit poem indian poetry Martha Moongazer Beard poetry

Thunder rolls over the mountain,

Grey clouds dropping low.

Rain falls and kisses three sisters

Who awaken and begin to grow.Creeks swell with the rain falling,

Streams now rivers flow

Falling from the high mountain

Into the valley below.

Barren trees from winter are budding,

Life springs forth anew.

Animals awaken from sleeping,

The wind howls and tells me it’s true.

Soon it will be time for hunting,

Food for my people to eat.

We give thanks for the life with singing,

And raise prayers with our drum beats.

What blessing to be born native

And dwell in this peaceful land

Created for the principle people

Just as the Great Spirit planned.

Martha Moongazer Beard
December 31, 2004