Jeff Smith, slave of Geronimo


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Historical account about two boys who were taken captive by the Lipan apache and Comanche indians. One of them was sold to Geronimo, to be his slave.

Jeff Smith, along with his brother Clint, was captured by Indians on Sunday, March 3, 1869 by ten Lipan and 15 Comanches. Jeff was sold to an apache named Geronimo (also called Jerome by the Mexicans), a Bedonkohe Apache. His Apache name was Goyathlay, which means One Who Yawns. Jeff was about six or seven years old when he was captured. Jeff was given the apache name of Catchowitch, which meant Horse’s Tail. Jeff’s brother, Clint, was about nine or ten when they were captured. Clint lived with the Comanches for four years and nine months. The Indian Chief Tosacowadi (Lepord Cat) and his wife, Lepis, were his foster parents. After the boys were returned to White civilization, they had forgotten their American language and culture. It took some time to re-civilize them again. Source:

Boy Captives ,” by J. Marvin Hunter, First Printing October 6, 1927