American Indian Reservations H to K

An alphabetical list of state recognized tribes of the United States H to K.   H   Hannahville Community and Off-Reservation Trust Land Havasupai Indian Reservation - See link below. Ho-Chunk Indian Reservation and Off-Reservation Trust Land Hoh Indian Reservation Hollywood Indian Reservation Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation Hopi Indian Reservation and Off-Reservation Trust Land: Blue Point Burro Springs East Dinnebito Five Houses Hardock Hopi-Winslow Moenkopi Administrative Area Moenkopi North Oraibi Polacca Wash RU251 RU252 RU253 RU254 RU255 RU256 RU257 RU258 RU259 RU260 RU261 RU262 RU263 RU351 RU451 RU551 RU552 RU553 RU554 RU555 RU556 RU557 RU558 RU559 RU560 RU561 RU562 RU563 RU564 RU565 RU566 RU567 RU568 RU569 RU570 RU571 RU572 RU573 Shongopovi Shonto South Oraibi Talahogan Toreva Tovar Mesa Upper Polacca West Dinnebito Hopland Rancheria and Off-Reservation Trust Land Houlton Maliseet Trust Land Hualapai Indian Reservation and Off-Reservation Trust Land Huron Potawatomi Indian Reservation       Immokalee Indian Reservation Inaja and Cosmit Indian Reservation Indian Township Indian Reservation Iowa Indian Reservation and Off-Reservation Trust Land Isabella Indian Reservation and Off-Reservation Trust Land Isletai Pueblos   J   Jackson Rancheria Jamestown S'Klallam Indian Reservation and Off-Reservation Trust Land Jamul Indian Village Jemez Pueblo Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation   K   Kaibab Indian Reservation Kalispel Indian Reservation Karuk Indian Reservation and Off-Reservation Trust Land Kickapoo Indian Reservation Klamath Indian Reservation Kootenai Indian Reservation A to C | D to G | H to K | L to N | O to R | S to T | U to Z

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Havasupai Reservation

The Havasupai Reservation is remotely located near the southwest corner of the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona and consists of 188,077 acres. It is home to the federally recognized Havasupai tribe.

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Ho-Chunk Nation of Wisconsin has no reservation, but they have Trust Lands

The Ho-Chunk Nation of Wisconsin, while having no official reservation has parcels of land placed in Trust as Indian Trust Land as designated by the federal government, Secretary of the Interior and Bureau of Indian Affairs(BIA) spread over Dane, Jackson, … Continue reading

Hoh Indian Reservation

The Hoh Indian Reservation is located in Washington State was established by an Executive Order in 1893. The Hoh Reservation consists of 443 acres located 28 miles south of Forks, and 80 miles north of Aberdeen. The Hoh Reservation has … Continue reading

Hualapai Indian Reservation