I am looking for hunting opportunities on the Crow Creek Reservation


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I plan to hunt pheasants in South Dakota the 2nd week of Nov. I am interested in the hunting opportunities that may be available on the Crow Creek Reservation. Please send me any info you may have. Also, I am planning a scouting trip the 1st of August and wonder if it is possible to visit the reservation to see the hunting possibilities first hand.
–Submitted by Charles C.


We are not affiliated with the Crow Creek Sioux Reservation, however, we can give you some information.

Anyone can visit any reservation any time of the year for any purpose. Just like any other town in America. no special arrangements need to be made to enter the reservation, however you would observe the same rules as anywhere else before wandering around on private land.

To hunt, you need a special permit issued by the tribe and if you are from out of state, you also need the appropriate permits from Dept of Game for out of state hunters.
The Crow Creek Reservation offers exceptional upland game bird and waterfowl hunting, as well as deer, antelope and varmint hunting.

Wild populations of ring-necked pheasants, sharptailed grouse and prairie chickens are found throughout the tribal lands.

As a prominent feature of the Central Waterfowl Flyway, huge numbers of migrating ducks and geese pass through the area, and premier waterfowl hunting is the result. Over 130,000 acres of tribal land can be hunted with a valid tribal hunting license.

The season on the reservation opens two weeks earlier than the South Dakota regular season. If you want to use a guide, they are available at Crow Creek. I would recommend using one.

The reservation also had a November and December Deer Hunt last year by which several trophy mule deer and whitetails were taken. Out-of state licenses are available for this year.

Tribal hunting permits can be purchased from the tribal headquarters. They can probably give you info on local guides if you want one, this year’s exact hunting dates, cost of permits, etc.

Contact info for the Crow Creek Sioux Reservation is:

P.O. Box 658, Fort Thompson, SD 57339
Phone (605) 245-2221


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