How to become a member of the Poarch Creek Indians


Last Updated: 19 years

At present, the Poarch Creek Indian Tribal Roll is open for membership only if the following conditions are met.

Blood Quantum

You must be 1/4 blood quota which is determined by evidence that your Indian Ancestor was identified as Indian on one of the following documents:

1) the 1900 Census of Escambia County, Alabama. 

2) the 1900 Special Census Of Monroe County, Alabama, or 

3)the 1870 Census of Escambia County, Alabama.


You must have an immediate family member on the present Tribal Roll of the Poarch Creek Indians, which is a Mother, Father, Son, Daughter, Sister, or Brother. 

The burden of proof of Indian lineage is the responsibility of the person submitting the request for membership. 

Obtain a membership application and pedigree chart from the Poarch Creek Indian Tribal Enrollment office. They are open 8am to 5pm. Call Call 334-368-9136, Ext. 2281 for additional information.

Submit the completed application, pedigree chart, birth certificate and other documentation as requested.