Film entries sought for 10th Annual Native American Indian Film & Video Festival


Last Updated: 18 years

Eastern Cherokee, Southern Iroquois & United Tribes of South Carolina is calling for entries to their successful annual Native American Indian Film & Video Festival held this year on November 1-5, 2006.

ECSIUT will once again bring images, stories, documentaries and dramatic feature films in celebration of National Native American Indian Heritage Month to the audiences of the southeastern United States in their 10th annual film festival.

On November 1-5, 2006 the Eastern Cherokee, Southern Iroquois & United Tribes of South Carolina and the Columbia Film Society of South Carolina will once again bring images, stories, documentaries and dramatic feature films in celebration of National Native American Indian Heritage Month.

This unique film festival, the only Native festival of it’s kind in the southeastern section of the country, draws independent film makers and theater goers from area states including North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, and Florida.

“We are a non-profit organization that feels this is important….We have been successful getting new independent Native American Films and Indigenous Filmmakers and native produced movies to new audiences,” explained the Film Festival’s founder and Coordinator, Dr. Will Moreau Goins.

The Nickelodeon and the Columbia Film Society are also co-sponsors, and the adopted home for the annual film festival each year.

“This festival helps us make that connection to the rest of the Native American Indian world that is not in South Carolina. Bringing us new and contemporary images and current issues facing our Native brothers and sisters and also entertaining us,” explained Dr. Goins , the annual film festival’s coordinator.

“We want to show contemporary, authentic, current and quality work in film that features Native American Indian and indigenous people and culture …. that has been our goal since this film festival started and that goal hasn’t changed,” clarified Will Moreau Goins.

“We welcome native american filmmakers from throughout the diverse Native and indigenous Diasporas….. reaching out specifically to our Latino/Hispanic native people, culture and filmmakers from the Indians in Brazil, South America, Central America or those of the Native Hawaiians and tha aboriginals from Australia…all indigenous people and their stories.”

“These all fit in our festival and we welcome filmmakers to submit that share stories from these Native experiences,”stated Goins.

In years past, as in this year, this festival has brought Native American Producers, Directors, Associate-Directors and featured actors in a Native American historical drama to the screenings to further our understanding of media literacy and the making of their film, by hosting discussions, receptions and forums for these discussions.

This festival presents a series of films that are American Indian produced, directed, and staring Native American Indian people.

Native American Film Categories:

The major categories for this festival include:

    • Documentary Feature


  • Documentary Short
  • Commercial Feature (Comedy)
  • Commercial Feature (Dramatic)
  • Short Subject
  • Music Video
  • Animated Short Subject
  • Student Film
  • Public Service
  • Industrial

Formats accepted include:

    • 35 mm


    • VHS


    • DVD


    • Digita


    • 16mm


  • Beta SP

Deadline for submissions:

Deadline for submissions is August 20, 2006. Entries received after this date will be reviewed by Selection Committee only if circumstances permit. At the discretion of the Festival Director, ECSIUT may extend deadlines for near-completed work to September 19, 2006. Go to the Cherokees of South Carolina web site for an application form

For More Information Contact:

ECSIUT, Film Festival of Southeastern USA

P.O. Box 7062

Columbia South Carolina, 29202

Attn: Dr. Will Moreau Goins, Film Festival Coordinator/ Presenter

Phone: (803) 699-0446