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Cherokee Wedding Customs

Cherokee wedding customs dictated that relatives and friends follow as the couple entered the sacred council fire area. The bride wore a white dress and white moccasins, usually made from deer or elk skins. The groom wore a roe-colored ribbon shirt, black pants and moccasins.

Juaneño Band of Mission Indians Marriage Customs

The usual marriage customs of the Juaneño Band of Mission  Indians in selecting and obtaining their wives, was as follows:

When one of them was inclined to marry, and having seen one with whom he was particularly pleased, he kept loitering about her place of residence, until opportunity offered to communicate, in secret, the wish of his heart: generally after this style: “I wish to wed with you,” or, “We are to be married;” and the reply of the fair one, invariably, was, “It is well.” “I will inform my parents, and you shall know.” The girl then gave the information to her father and mother, and if the proposal were agreeable, the suitor was admitted to the house as a visitor.

Kaw Wedding Customs

Thomas Huffaker, the Kaw Mission teacher, wrote the following account of a Kaw marriage:

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