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  The Blackfeet Buffalo Horse

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Alaskan natives kill whale wounded in hunt 120 years ago

Native Alaskan hunters have found part of a 19th century weapon embedded in the shoulder of a bowhead whale, leading scientists to believe the animal was wounded in a hunt almost 120 years ago.

The conical bomb fragment measuring almost nine centimeters long (3.5 inches long) was embedded in the shoulder blade of the whale killed last month, said John Bockstoce from the New Bedford Whaling Museum in Massachusetts.

Ma’amin, the Nez Perce Horse

The Nez Perce Tribe, historically, were the only known group of people indigenous to North America who, after becoming a society revolving around a horse culture, selectively raised horses that stood up to tests of racing, endurance and stamina resulting in an economy that flourished with the demand for their horses and also resulted in acclaim of legendary proportions throughout the world.

Meanings attributed to animals by the Oglala Lakota

Being closely tied to nature and all living things, the Oglala Lakota believed strongly in animal powers and the supernatural. Observance of animal behavior was incorporated into everyday life, creating a belief system that protected all who sought their animal powers. Learn about the spiritual powers attributed to animals by the Oglala Sioux and see how that influenced their daily lives.