Colville Confederated Tribes in the news
confederated tribes of the colville reservation nezperce tribe okanogan tribe chelan tribe
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 Colville Confederated Tribes in the news

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Colville Confederated Tribes in the news

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    What's New:
    Nespelem Oral History
    The town of Nespelem, situated on the Colville Indian Reservation derived its name from an Indian word meaning "large meadow beside a stream."

    Sinixt Lake indians
    Most Sinixt or Lake indians are now part of the Colville tribe in Washington state, but once roamed both Washington and British Columbia.

    Chelan Indians
    The Chelan Indians were historically located at the outlet of Lake Chelan in Washington State.

    Marriage and Wedding Customs
    Men of the Plateau Tribes usually had at least two wives at the same time, more if they were wealthy.

    Burial Customs of the Colville
    Burial / Funeral Traditions of the Plateau Indians

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