Pow Wow Dances

Pow Wow Dances

Learn about the different pow wow dance styles and social dances, honor dances, war dances, and more.


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Cherokee Butterfly Legend

Some say the modern day Pow Wow competition dance known as the Ladies Fancy Shawl Dance has its roots in a ceremonial dance called the Butterfly Dance. Here is a Cherokee account of how that dance came to be.

Crow explanation of how the ladies Fancy Shawl Dance competition began

At Crow Fair in Montana, I was told another story about the Fancy Shawl Dance. While the Crow people also equate this dance form as an expression of re-emergence and renewal of life forces, they have a very different explanation of how it began. Their version goes like this:

Dance Regalia of the Fancy Shawl Dancer

This article gives a general overview of the proper attire for a Fancy Shawl Dancer. Rather than the double-bustle the early Crow girls wore to dance the Fancy Dance, today’s Fancy Shawl dancer wears a dress made of a shiny fabric such as taffeta or satin.

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