Kitanemuk Indians

The Kitanemuk are an indigenous people of California. They traditionally lived in the Tehachapi Mountains and the Antelope Valleyarea of the western Mojave Desert of southern California, United States. Today some Kitanemuk people are enrolled in the Tejon Indian Tribe of California.

The Tejon Indian Tribe of California is a federally recognized tribe of Kitanemuk, Yokuts, and Chumash indigenous people of California.

Kitanemuk Language

The Kitanemuk traditionally spoke the Kitanemuk language, a Uto-Aztecan language, probably akin to that of the Takic branch and to the Serrano language in particular, as well as the Tongva and Vanyume languages.  Alice Anderton reconstructed the dead language in 1988 from Harrington’s notes.