Famous Pit River Indians

Famous Pit River Indians

This is the only references I could find from the Pit River tribes. Do you know of any others? Please Contact Us.

Madhesi Istet Woiche (aka William Hulsey) –

Jean LaMarr, artist

Darryl Babe Wilson, writer and storyteller

Eleven Bands of the Pit River Tribes

Achomawi  (Achumawi, Ajumawi) – Their territory extended from Madhesi Valley to Goose Lake. See Alturas Indian Rancheria


Astariwawi (Astarawi)

Atsugewi (Atsuge) – They lived along the Pit River south of the Achomawi language bands in the Hat Creek valley and Dixie Valley. See Pit River Tribe (includes Big Bend Rancheria, Likely Rancheria, Lookout Rancheria, Montgomery Creek Rancheria, Roaring Creek Rancheria, and XL Ranch).


Hanhawi (Hammawi)

Hewisedawi (pronounced Hay-wee-see-daw-wee) – Their territory stretched from Fandango Valley south through the Warner Mountains to Cedar Pass; west across the Pit River and out onto the high plateau area called Devil’s Garden; north up to the west side of Goose Lake.



Kosalextawi (Kosalektawi)

Madhesi tribe (pronounced as Mah dhay see) – They lived along the

Madhesi Valley and the Pit River from the south end of Big Valley Mountains, west to Pit River Falls.

There are also Pit River Indians on:

Big Valley Rancheria
Redding Rancheria
Round Valley Reservation
Susanville Rancheria