Famous Oneida

Famous Oneida chiefs, leaders, activists, and other well known people.

Aaliyah, American recording artist, of Oneida and African-American descent.

Carl J. Artman, Assistant Secretary of the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Daniel Bread (1800-1873), principal chief of the Oneida.

Polly Cooper, leader, took white corn to General Washington and troops in 1777-1778 during the Revolution in winter quarters at Valley Forge and taught them how to cook it.

Graham GreeneOneida actor from the Six Nations Reserve in Ontario, Canada.

Charlie Hill, comedian, entertainer.

Laura “Minnie” Cornelius Kellogg, early 20th-century activist in Oneida land claims.

Carondawana, an Oneida war chief.

Chester Poe Cornelius, lawyer and activist.

Lillie Rosa Minoka Hill, 20th-century Mohawk physician; officially adopted by Oneida for her work with them for decades.

Cody McCormick, Canadian professional ice hockey player for Colorado Avalanche.

Gino Odjick, Canadian former professional ice hockey player.

Herbert (Herb) Powless (February 22, 1937-January 30, 2018) – A founding member of AIM in 1968, founder of American Indian Council on Alcoholism in 1970, and was one of the founders of the National Indian Board on Alcohol and Alcohol Abuse.

Skenandoa (aka Skenando, Shenandoah), pine tree chief and leader during the American Revolution; ally of the Americans

Joanne Shenandoah, award-winning singer and performer.

Dennison Wheelock, composer, conductor and cornet soloist of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

James Riley Wheelock, musician, conductor and clarinet soloist

Tyonajanegen, leader, fought in Battle of Oriskany alongside husband Han Yerry.

Oneida Tribes:

Oneida Nation of New York, (F) (New York)
Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin, (F) (Wisconsin)