Famous Narragansett

Narragansett chiefs, leaders, and famous people:

Tiffany Cobb (1976- ) – R&B singer who is also of Cape Verdean, French, German, English, and Scottish ancestry.

Ella W.T. Sekatau Ph.D. (1928–2014) – Medicine Woman, ethno-historian, linguist, spokeswoman, cultural teacher, adviser, and artisan. Responsible for the reintroduction of cultural Traditions and Values. First to re-introduce the original dialect of “Narragansett”.

Ellison “Tarzan” Brown (1914–1975) – Two-time Boston Marathon winner (1936, 1939) and 1936 U.S. Olympian.

Sonny Dove (1945–1983) – Basketball player.

George Fayerweather (1802–1869) – Blacksmith in Kingston, Rhode Island of Narragansett-African descent who was host to anti-slavery activists. His wife Sarah Harris Fayerweather, also a free black, was particularly active in the movement.

John Christian Hopkins  (born 1960) – Journalist.

Nancy Elizabeth Prophet (1890–1960) – Sculptor of Narragansett-African descent.

Russell Spears (1917–2009) – Stone mason.

Princess Red Wing (1896-1987) – Historian, museum curator and Sachem of the New England Council of Chiefs.

Loren Spears – Educator, writer.

Stone Wall John (c. 1625-c. 1700) – Stone mason.

Raymond Two Hawks Watson – Activist, of Afro-Narragansett heritage. In 2016 he won a 300k Innovation grant from Rhode Island Foundation.

Narragansett Indian Tribe