Extinct Tribes P to Q

Extinct Tribes, Forgotten Names, or Alternate Names of North American Indians

An alphabetical list of extinct native american indian tribes of the United States starting with P to Q.

Each tribal profile explains who they were, where they lived, how they lived, an account of first contact with Europeans, population if known, and a brief explanation of what happed to them.

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Believed to be Extinct or Absorbed Into Other Tribes






Possibly Extinct? Some May be Canadian tribes? Or Alternate Names?


PACANAS, on Quelquechose River, La. ; 30 men in 1805 ; 40 m. S. W. Natchitoches.

PADOUCAS, 2,000 warriors in 1721, on the Kansas ; dispersed before 1805.

PADOWAGAS, by some the Senecas were so called; uncertain.

PAILSH, 200 in 1820, on coast of the Pacific, N. Columbia r., beyond the Potoashs.

PALACHES, a tribe found early in Florida, but long since extinct.

PAMI.ICO, but 15 in 1708, about Pamlico Sound, in N. Carolina; extinct.

PANCAS once on Red River, Of Winnipec L. ; afterwards joined the Omahas.

PANIS, (Tonicas,) 40 villages in 1750, S. br. Missouri; 70 villages on Red r., 1755.

PANNEH. See ALLAKAWEAH, 2,300 in 1805, on heads Big Horn River.

PASCATAWAYS, once a considerable tribe on the Maryland side Potomac River.

PASCAGOULAS 25 men in 1805, on Red r., 60 in. below Natchitoches ; from Florida.

PASSAMAQUODDIE, on Schoodak r., Me., in Perry Pleasant Point, a small number.

PAUNEE, 10,000 in 1820, on the Platte and Kansas; Republicans, Loupes, and Picts.

PAWISTUCIENMUK, 500 in 1820; small, brave tribe, in the prairies of Missouri. PAWTUCKETS, (Nipmuks,) on Merrimac River, where Chelmsford now is; extinct.

PEGANS, (Nipmuks,) 10 in 1793, in Dudley, Mass. on a reservation of 200 acres.

PELLOATPALLAH, (Chopunnish,) 1,600 in 1820, on Kooskooskee r., above forks.

PENOBSCOTS, (Abenakies,) 330, on an island in Penobscot r., 12 in. above Bangor.

PENNAKOOKS, (Nipmuks,) along Merrimac r., where is now Concord, N. H., &c.

PEORIAS, 97 in 1820, on Current River ; one of the five tribes of the Illinois.

PEQUAKETS, (Abenakies,) on sources Saco River; destroyed by English in 1725.

PHILLIMEES, (Seminoles,) on or near the Suane River, Florida, in 1817.

PIANKASHAWS, 3,000 once, on the Wabash; in 1780, but 950; since driven west.

PIANKATANK, a tribe in Virginia when first settled; unlocated.

PINESHOW, (Sioux,) 150 in 1820, on the St. Peter’s, 15 m. from its mouth.

PISHQUITPAH, 2,600 in 1815, N. side Columbia River, at Museleshell Rapids, W. R.

POTOASH, 200 in 1820, coast Pacific, N. mouth Columbia, beyond Clamoctomichs.

POTTOWATOMOE, 1671, on Noquet i., L. Michigan ; 1681, at Chicago.

POWHATANS, 32 tribes spread over Virginia when first discovered by the English.

PUANS, the Winnebagoes were so called by the French at one period.



QUABAOGS, (Nipmuks,) at a place of the same name, now Brookfield, Mass.

QUAPAW, 700 in 1820, on Arkansas r., opp. Little Rock ; reduced by sm. pox in 1720.

QUATHLAHPOHTLES, on S. W. side Columbia, above mouth Tahwahnabiook River.

QUATOGHIE, (Wyandots,) once S. side L. Michigan ; Sold their lands to Eng. in 1707


QUIEETSOS, on the Pacific ; 250 in 1820; N. Columbia r., next N. of the Quiniilts.

QUINIILTS, on coast of the Pacific, N. of Columbia r.; 250 in 1820; next the Pailshs.

QUINNECHART, coast Pacific, next N. Calasthocles, N. Columbia r. ; 2,000 in 1820.

QUINNIPISSA are those called Bayagoulas by the Chevalier Tonti.

QUODDIES, See PASSAMAQUODDIE.-3 Coll. Mass. Hist. Soc. iii. 181.