Extinct Tribes O

Extinct Tribes, Forgotten Names, or Alternate Names of North American Indians

An alphabetical list of extinct native american indian tribes of the United States starting with O.

Each tribal profile explains who they were, where they lived, how they lived, an account of first contact with Europeans, population if known, and a brief explanation of what happed to them.

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Believed to be Extinct or Absorbed Into Other Tribes


Possibly Extinct? Some May be Canadian tribes? Or Alternate Names?

OAKMULGES, (Muskogees,) to the E. of Flint River; about 200 in 1834.

OCAMECHES, in Virginia in 1607; had before been powerful; then reduced.

OCHEES. See UCHEES. – Perhaps Ochesos; 230 in Florida in 1826, at Ochee Bluff

OCONAS, (Creeks.) See Book iv. 369.

OJIBWAS, (Chippeways,) 30,000 in 1836, about the great lakes, and N. of them.

OKATIOKINANS, (Seminoles,) 580 in 1820, near Fort Gaines, E. side Mississippi.

OMAHAS, 2,200 in 1820, on Elkhorn River, 80 m. front Council Bluffs.

ONEIDAS, one of the Five Nations ; chief seat near Oneida Lake, New York.

ONONDAGAS, one of the Five Nations; formerly in New York; 300 in 1840.

OOTLASHOOTS, (Tushepahas,) 400 in 1820, on Clark’s River, W. Rocky Mountains.

OSAOES, 4,000 in 1830, about Arkansas and Osage Rivers; many tribes.

OTAGAMIES, (Winnebagoes,) 300 in 1780, betw. Lake of the Woods and the Mississ.

OTOES, 1,500 in 1820; in 1805, 500; 15 leagues up the River Platte, on S. side.

OTTAWAS, 1670, removed from L. Superior to Michilimakinak ; 2,800 in 1820.

OUIATANONS, or WAAS, (Kikapoos,) mouth of Eel r., Ind., 1791, in a village 3 m. long

OUMAS, E. bank Mississippi in 1722, in 2 villages, quarter of a mile front the river.

OWASSISSAS, (Seminoles,) 100 in 1820, on E. waters of St. Mark’s River.

OWAS, 2,000 in 1750; on Ozaw River in 1780, which flows into the Mississippi.

OZIMIES, one of the six tribes on E. shore of Maryland and Virginia in 1607.