Blackfoot names used by other tribes


Each Indian tribe had their own word to mean the Blackfoot Tribe. Here is a list of a few of the names given the Blackfoot by other Indian tribes: 

Here are the names given the Blackfoot by other Indian tribes: 

Arapaho name: Wateni’hte or Ka-wi-‘na-han, signifying “black people.”

Arikara name: Choch-Katit 

Cheyenne name: Po’-o-mas, , signifying “blankets whitened with earth.”

Chippewa name: Ayatchinini or Makadewana-ssidok

Comanche name: Tuhu’vti-ómokat

Cree name: Ayatchiyiniw,  signifying “stranger,” or “enemy.”

Crow name: Carmeneh or Ish-te-pit’-e

So given by Dobbs (1744): Beaux Hommes

Fox name: Mämakatä’wana-si’tä’-ak

Hidatsa name: I tsi sí pi sa, signifying “black feet.”

Kalispel name: S’chkoé, or S’chkoeishin,  from koài, meaning “black.”

Kansa name: Sicä’bê

Kiowa name: Toñkoñko, signifying “black legs.”

Kutenai name: Saha’ntla, signifying “bad people.”

Okanogan name: Stxuaíxn, signifying “black.”

Ottawa name: Mukkudda Ozitunnug

Salish name: Skuäísheni, signifying “black foot.”

Sarsi name: Katce

Shawnee name: Mkatewetitéta

Shoshoni name: Pah-kee

Yankton Dakota name: Si-ha’-sa-pa, signifying “black foot.”

Names  the Blackfoot called themselves:

The Kainai First Nation called themselves Ah-hi’-ta-pe, which means “blood people.”

The Blackfoot Confederacy called themselves collectively the Netsepoyè, meaning “people who speak our language.”

The Blackfoot also referred to themselves as Sawketakix, meaning “men of the plains.”