Blackfeet tribal enrollment requirements


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Enrollment in the Blackfeet Tribe is governed by Ordinance 14. (This link is a PDF file. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to print and view this file. If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it for free here.)

Minimum Blood Quantum: 1/4th

Tribal Payments: Yearly Per Capita Payment

Buy Blackfeet HatThe primary points of this document state you can epply for tribal enrollment if you meet one of these conditions:

  • Original Members: All persons of Indian blood whose name appears on the official census roll of the Blackfeet Tribe as of January 1, 1935.
  • Descendants: All children born prior to August 30, 1962 to any blood member of the Blackfeet Tribe maintaining a legal residence on the reservation at the time of such birth. (For enrollment purposes, all blood members of the Blackfeet Tribe are considered legal residents of the Blackfeet Indian Reservation if they are away from the reservation for purposes of employment, education, health, or induction into military service.)
  • Descendants: All children having one fourth degree (1/4) or more of Blackfeet Indian blood born to an enrolled member after August 30, 1962.
  • Adoption: The Tribal Council, subject to review of the Secretary of the Interior, has the power to govern future membership and the adoption of new members persuant to Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution and By-Laws.

    The ordinance also states you will be excluded from membership if you are already an enrolled member of another tribe.

    Any person who believes they qualify can submit an application to the Enrollment Committee . The Enrollment Department assists the Blackfeet Tribal Business Council in developing and maintaining the membership rolls and provides eligible persons enrollment assistance. 

    The Enrollment Department also provides tribal certification for all members, maintains current address information, blood quantum, election list, for all eligible enrolled members and a decendency list of persons that are not enrolled members of the Blackfeet Nation, but are descendents of enrolled members.

    The director of the Enrollment Department is Delores Magee. Other staff members include Wanda Glaze, Enrollment Technician, Arlene Sinclair, People File Technician, and Jennifer Lahr Gobert, Secretary/Receptionist.

    Documentation required with your application is outlined in the Ordinance 14 PDF file. If you have any additional questions regarding enrollment that concerns whether an individual can be enrolled or not please feel free to contact any of the above staff to inquire about the process of researching or defining “enrollment.”

    The Enrollment Committe members can be reached at (406) 338-3533 by phone or by fax at (406) 338-5233. The tribal offices are located in Browning, Montana.
    Entire Blackfeet Constitution and By-Laws
    For more information please contact :

    The Blackfeet Nation
    Enrollment Office
    PO Box 850
    Browning, MT 59417
    Phone: (406) 338-3533
    FAX: (406) 338-5233