Black Chickasaws adopted through the Dawes Commission between 1898 and 1916


Last Updated: 20 years

Note that many of these names appear in other Indian nation lists, and their appearance here iss not absolute provide proof of Black Indian Ancestry. In addition to these items, it is recommended that the researcher obtain as much oral history as possible on the family, and then locate the Dawes records on the family, including the names of ancestors on the Enrollment Cards and other pertinent records.


A		Crooms		Hamilton	Mimmus		Shell
Abram Culpepper Hampton Mintfield Shirley
Alberson Cunish Harlan Mitchell Shoeape
Albert Curry Harper Mohuntubby Smallwood
Alexander Harris Molton Smith
Alfred D Harry Monroe Sparks
Allen Daly Hawkins Montgomery Speer
Alop Daniel Heard Moddy Speers
Anderson Daniels Henderson Moore Spencer
Armstrong Danna Hendersy Morrow Spigener
Augustus Daugherty Hennesy Moses Stanfield
Austin Davidson Hervey Murray Stephen
Davies Hines Murry Stevenson
B Denmark Hodges Myers Stevison
Bachelor Dindy Holder Stewart
Bailey Dinwiddie Homedy N Stroud
Barlow Dixon Hooks Nance Sumers
Barr Doleon Horn Neel Summers
Beasley Doser Hornbeak Nero Sutton
Bend Douglas Houser Newberry Swindle
Bennett Douglass Houston Nims
Bice Dumkus Humby Noel T
Birt Duncan Humdy Nolitubby Taylor
Bishop Dunford Humphreys North Tecumseh
Black Dyer Huntley Nowell Thomas
Blackwater Thompson
Block E I O Tipkins
Blue Eastmasn Ingram Ogles Tobler
Bly Edwards Irvins Oldhom Toles
Bower Eights Oscar Townsend
Boyd Elliott J Owens Townsley
Brashears Eubanks Jackson Towser
Brewer Evans Jacobs P Triplett
Breyson Even Jameson Paris Tutter
Bright Everhart Johns Parks Twyman
Brooks Johnson Patrick Tyner
Brown F Jonas Patton Tyson
Bruner Factor Jordon Paul
Buckley Falless Joseph Payne U
Bullocks Farrow Peaersey Underwood
Burden Findley K Pendleton
Burney Finlay Keel Peoples V
Butler Finley Keep Perry Van
Fisher Kelly Peters Vanley
C Fitchgerl Kemp Pettus Vaughn
Caldwell Flacks Kennedy Petty Vincent
Campbell Flint Kersey Phillips Vollen
Carney Ford Kiah Pickens
Carolina Foreman Kimbale Piggett W
Carroll Forrester Kingsberry Plumemr Wade
Carson Fort Kinrick Poe Walker
Carter Franklin Kirk Pollen Walton
Cass Frazier Porter Ward
Charles Fulsom L Powell Washington
Chawano-chbbby Lamey Powers Waters
Cheadle G Lawrence Preuilt Watson
Chery Gaines Leader Price Watts
Chesnut Gamble Lee Prince Wesley
Chico Garrett Lewis Whaley
Chief Gas Ligon Q Wheeler
Childs Gasper Lin Quinn Whitaker
Chitlow Gates Lincoln White
Choate Gentry Lofton R Whitson
Choice Gibbs Loftus Randolph Wilder
Christiqan Gibson Love Reed Wiley
Clark Giles Lynch Reese Wilkerson
Clay Gillespie Reynolds Wilkes
Cobry Givens M Richardson Wilkins
Cochran Glover Mahardy Ridge Wilkinson
Cohee Goff Manning Rivers Wiliams
Coker Golden Martin Roberts Willaimson
Colb Goldsmith Mason Roby Willis
Colbert Gooden Mays Rodville Wilson
Cole Gorden McCain Rollen Windom
Colly Graham McClendon Rose Wolf
Combs Grant McClish Ross Woods
Conley Grayson McCooy Roy Worley
Conly Green McDermott Russell Wright
Cook Greenwood McDonal
Cooper Greer McGee S Y
Covan Gresham McGilbray Sampson Yates
Cox Grey McKenzie Samuels Yocubby
Crathers Griffin McKinney Scannon Young
Cravatt Grimmett McMillan Scott Younger
Cravans Gunn Merriman Sealy
Crittenden Mike Sears
Crockett H Miles Shatubby
Croomes Hall Miller Shaw