Author seeking Youth Dream Team to preview G Rated Fantasy Novel


Last Updated: 5 years

Do you know any youth that love to read? I have a “YOUTH DREAM TEAM” free reading project if you want to check it out. You can visit the link below to learn more about it.

I provide my unpublished manuscript to youth via email attachment; they read it and send me their review via email. They are then posted on my website as a YOUTH DREAM TEAM member. When my novel is published I will mail them a free signed copy, all they have to pay is the shipping/handling. My publisher expects to have my novel published soon—I don’t know when “soon” is. She originally said B4 Christmas; I just don’t see that happening.

I prefer to work with a youth advocate, school teacher, or an adult/parent that will read the manuscript first and then oversee the YOUTH DREAM TEAM project with a group of youth. Any parent is welcomed to read the manuscript before allowing their child to take part in the project.

THE LOOSE END OF THE RAINBOW is a G-Rated fantasy Youth/Young Adult novel. The target reader age group is approximately 11-20. Kids as young as nine have read it, adults as old as 86 have. The story appeals to adults—but my target reader age group is Jr. High and High School students.

Many of the novel’s characters are Native American Indian youth and young adults under the age of seventeen. The two main characters are Native American, both are seventeen.

For more information, visit A Starry Night Productions. Click on the “Meet Our YOUTH DREAM TEAM” box.

Warmest Regards,

D.B. Pacini

Editor’s Note:

The publisher of this book, Singing Moon Press, publishes four titles each year with an emphasis on socially responsible, multicultural stories. They donate at least 10% of profits from retail to charities approved by each author.

Ms. Pacini has chosen Web of Life Enterprises, Inc. as her approved charity. All the funds they receive from sale of this book will be specifically spent on the essential needs of children and young adults living on the Rosebud Reservation.