San Carlos Apache Indians Fact Sheet
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     N'de, Dinė, Tinde, Inde or "The People"

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San Carlos Apaches Fact Sheet

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The Apache Indians are divided into six sub tribes. The San Carlos Apache are one of these Apache tribes. In this section, you will find articles about the San Carlos Apache people, their history, and culture.

Official Tribal Name:


Federally recognized indian tribe.
Official Website:  

Common Name: San Carlos Apache

Traditional Name:


Meaning of Traditional Name:


Alternate names:


Alternate spellings:


Name in other languages:

Registered Population:






Bands / Population at Contact:  

Language Classification:


Language Dialects:


Number of fluent Speakers:


Tribal Enrollment Requirements:


Tribal Flag:


Tribal Emblem:


Related Tribes:

The San Carlos Apache are one of the six sub-tribes of the Apache tribe. The others are the Chiricahua, Jicarilla, Lipans, Mescalero, Plains Apache, and Western Apache. The seventh Apachean group, the Navajo, are now considered as a separate tribe.



Traditional Territory:


Original Reservation:


Current Reservations:

San Carlos Reservation, Arizona
The San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation spans Gila, Graham, and Pinal Counties in southeastern Arizona, roaming over a landscape that ranges from alpine meadows to desert. Encompassing 1,834,781 acres, the San Carlos Apache Reservation was established by executive order on November 9, 1871.

Over one-third of the community’s land is forested (175,000 acres) or wooded (665,000) acres). Forest lands, with their jumbled topography, create a naturally superior habitat for many wildlife species causing elk, mule deer, turkeys, black bear and mountain lion to be at home on this reservation. A portion of the reservation is contiguous with the largest stand of ponderosa pines in the world.

White Mountain Reservation, Arizona

San Carlos Reservation
Apache Tribes and Bands:

Chiricahua Tribe

San Carlos Tribe

Arivaipa Apache Band
    Arivaipa People:
    • Eskiminzin
      Eskiminzin was an important Aravaipa Apache Chief during the Apache Wars. He was instrumental in the negotiations which set the terms which established the San Carlos Reservation.
San Carlos Band
Tontos Band

Tsiltaden a.k.a. Chilion




White Mountain Apache

Traditional Allies:


Traditional Enemies:


Bands / Clans:




Historical Social Structure:


Burial / Funeral Customs:


Marriage/Wedding Customs:


Creation Beliefs / Religion:


Religion Today


Historical Clothing:


Historical Dwellings:


Historical Foods / Wildcrafting:


Subsistence / Industry Today:


Sacred Places:


Ceremonies / Dances:




Historical Weapons and Tools:


Historical Political Organization


Government Today:


Famous Contemporary People:

Historical Leaders:

Famous San Carlos Apache chiefs included Chief Talkalai, and Cassadore.

Catastrophic Events:







Tribal Casinos:

The Tribe operates the Apache Gold Casino which opened in June, 1994. Construction is currently underway to expand the casino and add a hotel, restaurant and RV park.

In the News:


Further Reading:


Additional Resources:

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Apache Chief Geronimo, Also Known as Goyathlay, 1880s
Apache Chief Geronimo, Also Known as Goyathlay, 1880s
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