An Old Woman Cannot Sleep


Last Updated: 21 years Standing on the edge,

landscape flows before her.

Spirits of the past,

May they guide her this day.

A prism of light,

thoughts flicker past.

All the tears smile;

flooding drenching her soul.

Life, Death, Day, Night

Mother Moon protect her!!!

Let your eyes guard the heart.

Crimson waves crash…

The chill has frozen,

Death’s grip overtakes her.

Tear-stained faces emerge.

Fear lives here still.

Wounds will not heal,

The spirits cannot forget.

The screams continue on,

never to be silenced.

Father Sun protect her!!!

But sleep brings pain.

Time cannot erase,

instead it is engrained.


the spirits protect her.

Her mind has faded,

but haunted are her dreams.

An old woman cannot sleep.

her children scream

all has been taken

even them…alone again.