Alaskan Native Village Corporations - One form of Government of Alaskan Native Villages and Communities
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   Celebrating Alaska Natives and Alaskan Indian Communities
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Alaskan Native Village Corporations

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Alaskan Native Village Corporations - One form of Government of Alaskan Native Villages and Communities

In addition to the 13 Alaska Native Regional Corporations, and many native alaskan tribal councils who have leadership roles for the Native Villages and Indian communities of Alaska, several villages have their own governing village corporations. These are villages who chose to remain separate when the 13 Alaska Native Regional corporations were formed, as a result of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act enacted by Congress in 1971. Villages with their own corporations include:

  • Bethel Native Corporation (a Village Corporation)

  • Official Website: Bethel Native Corporation
    Address: Box 719, Bethel, Alaska 99559
    Phone: (907)543-2124

    Bethel Native Corporation is Alaska's Sixth Largest Village Corporation located in Bethel, Alaska. Bethel is located in Southwestern Alaska, approximately 400 miles west of Anchorage.
    • Bethel Village

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