1853 Treaty With The Comanche, Kiowa, And Apache

Fort Atkinson was the first regular army post on the Santa Fe trail in the heart of the Indian country.  It was part of the rapidly expanding American military frontier in the Far West following the Mexican War. As people traveled westward to occupy new lands for farming and ranching, rushed for gold, and exploited other natural resources of the vast continent, the need increased for military protection from the Indians whose homelands were being iinvaded. In 1853 a treaty was struck between the US Government and  the Comanche, Kiowa and Apache Indians at Fort Atkinson.

Chunkey, a native american game

Chunkeyplayer painting HRoe 2006

Chunkey (also known as chunky, chenco, tchung-kee or the hoop and stick game) is a game of Native American origin. It was played by rolling disc-shaped stones across the ground and throwing spears at them in an attempt to place the spear as close to the stopped stone as possible.

Keechy Tribe

Nasuteas (Kichai Woman), Wichita

The Keechy Tribe was a Native American Southern Plains tribe that lived in Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. Also known as the Kichai, they were most closely related to the Pawnee.

I-on-i Treaties

Do you know who the I-on-I Tribe was? If so, please tell us about them. We found reference to them in one treaty.

Ho-Chunk Treaties

The Ho-chunk signed a total of six treaties with the United States. The first three treaties signed by the Hochunk Tribe and the US Government were efforts to create peace with the United States and neighboring tribes.

In 1816, the first treaty between the United States and the Ho-Chunk was signed to end hostilities heightened by the War of 1812 in which the two nations were on opposing sides. After the war, the Ho-chunk and other Midwestern tribes began to fight among themselves, with war parties avenging past wrongs and fighting to secure new hunting territories.

10 Things You Should Know About the Nez Perce Tribe

The Nez Perce saved the Lewis & Clark expedition multiple times, and are known for their prized appaloosa horses. Here are 10  things you should know about the Nez Perce tribe.