Landmark cases defining how Canada regulates industrial activity on indigenous lands to be decided this week

Experts say two cases coming before the Supreme Court this week could become landmarks in defining how Canada regulates industrial activity on indigenous lands.

What you need to understand about Native American Religions

As a Native American scholar of environmental history and religious studies, I am often asked what Native American leaders mean when they say that certain landscapes are “sacred places” or “sacred sites.”

Three native americans running for office in oil-rich North Dakota

Meet the Native American candidate the oil industry doesn’t want in Congress

Chase Iron Eyes never had political aspirations before this year. Sure, he was an activist and a committed community leader in his tribe in North Dakota, but running for office didn’t cross his mind.

Then one day early in 2016, he heard Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who was campaigning for the Democratic presidential nomination. Sanders spoke passionately about social revolution and economic justice, and Iron Eyes then knew he wanted to be part of that change.