Origin of the Midewiwin

Commonly among the Anishinaabeg, Midewiwin is ascribed to Nanabozho as its founder. However, among the Abenakis, Midewiwin is ascribed to Mateguas, who upon his death and needing to comfort his brother who is still alive, bestowed the Midewiwin to his grieving brother Gluskab. Here is the creation story.

Chattahoochee Creeks

The Chattahoochee River is where at least 32 ethnic groups came to live in the 1700s. They assimilated to become the Creek Indians by the end of that century.

15 Indian Tribes With Highest Unemployment Rates

Since a large amount of Alaskan tribes have smaller populations and percentages can change at a lower ratio, we focused on American Indian tribes in the lower 48 states that list their tribal enrollments above 1,000 and have at least 500 unemployed.

Battle Mountain Reservation

Battle Mountain Reservation is one of six reservations of the Te-Moak Tribe of Western Shoshone Indians of Nevada. It is home to the Battle Mountain Band of Te-Moak Shoshone Indians.

Barona Indian Reservation

The Barona Reservation is a federal Indian reservation located in San Diego County, California, near Lakeside and the Cleveland National Forest.

Sandy Lake Tragedy

The Sandy Lake Tragedy was the culmination of a series of events centered in Sandy Lake, Minnesota, that resulted in the deaths in 1850 of about 400 Lake Superior Chippewa when officials of the Zachary Taylor Administration and Minnesota Territory tried to relocate several bands of the tribe to areas west of the Mississippi River.

Bad River Reservation

The Bad River Reservation in northwestern Wisconsin is the largest Chippewa reservation in the state. The reservation boundaries include lands in Ashland and Iron counties, 17 miles of Lake Superior shoreline and over 100 miles of rivers and streams. Over 90% of the reservation is undeveloped land.