San Luis Rey Band of Mission Indians

The ataaxam people have occupied the San Luis Rey Valley in California since the beginning of time. The San Luis Rey Band of Luiseño Indians has kept its identity as a people within the local communities that now exist on those ancestral tribal lands.

Story of the Ancient Blackfeet

Blackfeet of the Plains

Long, long ago, before our fathers or grand-fathers were born, before the white people knew anything about the western half of North America, the Indians who told these stories lived on the Western plains.

To the west of their home rose high mountains, black with pine-trees on their lower slopes and capped with snow, but their tents were pitched on the rolling prairie. For a little while in spring this prairie was green and dotted with flowers, but for most of the year it stretched away brown and bare, north, east, and south, farther than one could see.

Joe Medicine Crow, last war chief of the Crow tribe is dead at age 102

Joseph Medicine Crow receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2009

A prominent Kicked In The Belly chief, war leader, and reservation-era chief, Joseph “Joe” Medicine Crow was a Crow Elder, the last surviving war chief of the Crow tribe, tribal historian, and the first of his tribe to become a university educated anthropologist. Medicine Crow died Sunday, April 3, 2016 at the age of 102 at a hospice house in Billings, Montana. A half-sister, Louella Whiteman Runs Him Johnson, confirmed his death and said she did not know the cause.