Medford ceremony kicks off Native American peace gathering

Native American spiritual leaders and other indigenous people will join with city and state officials in Medford at noon Wednesday at the Southern Oregon Regional Peace Pole for the opening ceremony of a five-day event celebrating the 20th International World Peace and Prayer Day.  The remainder of the event will be held Thursday through Sunday at Howard Prairie Lake.

Mona Darkfeather, silent film actress

Picture of Mona Darkfeather
Mona Darkfeather was born as Josephine M. Workman on January 13, 1883, in Boyle Heights, California. Her father was Joseph Manuel Workman and her mother was Josephine Mary Belt. In 1909 she responded to an advertisement by Bison Motion Pictures for an “exotic looking girl” to play an indian princess in a Silent Movie.  She got the part and starred in a silent movie.

Satanta, Kiowa Chief

Portrait of Kiowa War Chief, Santana

Satanta’s (often misspelled as Santana) name actually was Set-tainte, which means White Bear Person. One of the leading Kiowa chiefs in the 1860s and ’70s, Satanta was a fearsome warrior, but also a skilled orator and diplomat. Satanta negotiated numerous times with the American government and signed such treaties as the Little Arkansas (1865) and Medicine Lodge (1867). He fought a protracted war to protect his tribe’s land before settlers, miners and others finally overwhelmed it.

How Rainbows Came to Be

One day when the earth was new, Nanabozho looked out the window of his house beside the wide waterfall and realized that all of the flowers in his meadow were exactly the same off-white color. How boring! He decided to make a change, so he gathered up his paints and his paintbrushes and went out to the meadow.