Mountain Spirits

The Mountain Spirits are a race of supernaturals who dwell within the interiors of many mountains, according to Chiricahua Apache belief.

Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Reservation

Fond du Lac Indian Reservation Map and Seal

Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Reservation   Tribe(s): The Anishinaabeg (an Ojibwe/Chippewa word meaning “The People”) of the Fond du Lac Reservation are primarily members of the Lake Superior Band of Chippewa, who in turn are one … Continue reading

Bois Forte Band of Ojibwe Reservation

The Bois Forte Band of Ojibwe are one of the six bands that make up the federally recognized Minnesota Chippewa Tribe, which wrote a constitution and initiated its new government in 1936.

Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium reaches landmark contract settlement with IHS

June 27, 2014 – After years of negotiations, today the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC) has reached a historic settlement with the U.S. Indian Health Service (IHS) for the payment of 14 years of overdue contract support costs for providing health care services for more than 143,000 Alaska Native and American Indian people in Alaska.

Chipewa Cree tribal leader indicted on multiple charges

A Chippewa Cree tribal leader was indicted Tuesday on charges he took cash and a vehicle as kickbacks on lucrative business contracts awarded for work on the Rocky Boy’s Indian Reservation in north-central Montana.

Redskins Stripped Of Trademarks

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has canceled the Redskins’ trademark registration after five Native Americans petitioned the government over the football team’s controversial name. Calling it “disparaging to Native Americans,” the USPTO’s ruling strips away six of the Redskins’ trademarks.

Native Americans Support Consumers Boycotting FedEx Corporation Over Sponsoring Racism in NFL

Eradicating Offensive Native Mascotry, a group of Native parents and their allies from across the country started a pledge drive on “Pledge to Stop Using FedEx While They Still Quietly Support the Washington ‘Redskins’ Shameful Mascot” for consumers or investors who wish to stop using FedEx products to show support in their decision to boycott the corporation.

Descendants Remember Battle of Little Big Horn

Custer's Last Stand Poster
Custer’s Last Stand Poster

Representatives from many Native nations of the Plains will come together today for the 138th anniversary of the Battle of Little Big Horn, where a re-dedication ceremony of the newly completed Indian Memorial will take place.

Lakota students learn nuances of the hoop dance

The horizon line is the circle of life. Mother Earth and Father Sky meet at the horizon line. The hoops used in the Lakota hoop dance represent, among other things, the horizon line, the circle of life.

Tribal council suspends Oglala Sioux president Brewer

Oglala Sioux Tribal President Bryan Brewer was suspended by the tribal council Tuesday following allegations that he acted without the approval of the council more than once and mishandled a check for $5,000.

Lakota Sioux demonstrators protest plans at Badlands National Park

On Wednesday, residents of the Pine Ridge Reservation are expected to gather at Wounded Knee to protest a planned federal park arrangement that they say will strip them of their deeded land.

Cherokee Nation offers burial assistance for needy families

When a loved one dies, many times paying funeral bills can be a financial burden. However, that burden can be lifted or eased by the Cherokee Nation’s Burial Assistance Program, which helps citizens of federally recognized tribes pay funeral expenses.

Ford American Indian College Fund

The American Indian College Fund was established in 1989 to provide scholarships to American Indian/Alaska Native students attending tribal colleges, and to fund and create awareness about the community-based accredited tribal colleges and universities that offer students access to knowledge and skills alongside Native culture, language, and values.

Clatsop-Nehalem Confederated Tribes of Oregon

Clatsop Flag

The earliest history of the Nehalem country is so closely entwined with that of the Clatsops of the north and the Tillamooks of the south that its separation is impossible. From the very earliest written record of the Clatsop and Nehalem people, they are described as being culturally, economically, and socially integrated with one-another.

Daughters of the American Revolution American Indian $4,000 Scholarship

This one-time, $4000 scholarship is awarded by the American Indians Committee of the Daughters of the American Revolution to American Indian students of any age, tribe and in any state who are striving to attend college.  

Bureau of Indian Affairs Higher Education Grant Program

The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Higher Education Grant Program is administered by the tribe in question in most cases,  for their members, so call your tribe first.  The grant application is available from the education office of the Tribe in which you are affiliated or possess membership. 

American Bar Association $15,000 Scholarship for Minorities

This minority scholarship grants 20 incoming diverse law students with $15,000 of financial assistance over the course of their three years in law school. 

Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

Pineridge Reservation road and fields

The Pine Ridge reservation is home to the Oglala Sioux Tribe. The Oglala Sioux Tribal members are descendants of the Tetonwan Division of the Great Sioux Nation.

The Nashua Indians

The Nashua (or  Nashaway or Weshacum) were a sub-tribe of the Western Abenaki branch of the Algonquain Indians. They lived along the upstream portions of the Nashua River valley in what is now the northern half of Worcester County, Massachusetts, near Mount Wachusett.

Cocheco Indians

The Cocheco Indians were a sub-tribe of Western Abenaki. They lived in an area known as Wecohamet. Today, we call it Dover, New Hampshire. Dover is the oldest permanent European settlement in New Hampshire, and the seventh oldest in the United States.

Remember the Removal Riders commemorate the Trail of Tears

More than 175 years ago, thousands of American Indians were forced to travel on foot from Georgia to Oklahoma during a tragic event in U.S. history now known as “The Trail of Tears.”

Amaseconti Tribe

The Amaseconti Tribe (also known as Odanak, or St. Francis River Abenakis) was a small division or band of the Abenaki , formerly residing partly at Farmington Falls on the Sandy River in Franklin County, Maine, and partly near the present day town of New Sharon between the upper Kennebec and Androscoggin rivers in western Maine.

President Obama visits Standing Rock Indian Reservation

With President Obama scheduled to arrive in North Dakota today, eyes of the nation are on the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe as tribal leaders and community members from across the Northern Plains gather in Cannon Ball for a historic visit by a sitting president and the First Lady.

Two new Indian Casinos proposed in Michigan

The Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians announced today it is seeking land in locations near downtown Lansing and near Detroit Metropolitan Airport with expectations of building gambling facilities, according to an Associated Press report.

Cherokee Nation license plate goes on sale in Oklahoma

Cherokee citizens throughout Oklahoma can now buy a Cherokee Nation license plate.

The tags are on sale at any of the five Cherokee Nation tag offices, which are located in Adair, Collinsville, Jay, Sallisaw and Tahlequah.

Native American commercial targets Washington Redskins

With over a million views on YouTube, a controversial commercial will soon be seen by millions more during Tuesday night’s NBA Finals game.

Last Navajo Code Talker Dies

Chester Nez, last of the Navajo Code Talkers

The language he once was punished for speaking in school became Chester Nez’s primary weapon in World War II. He was the last surviving Navajo Code Talker.

Native American super foods

On American Indian reservations, the traditional diet of wild plants and game for food is increasingly being replaced with a far less healthful diet of predominantly high-carb, high-sugar foods.

Remember the Removal Bike Ride on the Trail of Tears

Nineteen Cherokee Indians are set to begin a 950-mile bicycle ride as part of the annual “Remember the Removal” ride commemorating the forced removal of Cherokees from the southeastern United States to what is now Oklahoma.

Remains of 17 Native Americans, hundreds of years old, found during railway construction project

Remains of 17 Native Americans, hundreds of years old, along with some artifacts were recovered nearly two years ago during construction of the planned BART extension from Fremont to San Jose, a transportation spokeswoman revealed Friday.