15 indian tribes have unemployment rates over 80%

Although the American Indian Population and Labor Force Report is federally mandated to be released no less frequently than biennally, the last report was released in 2007, with figures based on 2005. However, an updated report is supposed to be released this year.

These figures are based on tribes in the lower 48 states, only, who have at least 1,000 tribal members, of which at least 500 are unemployed. According to the 2005 figures, fifteen tribes have staggering unemployment rates exceeding 80%.

5 stickball teams to compete at 61st annual Cherokee National Holiday

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Five stickball teams from Oklahoma and Mississippi will showcase their skills Saturday in the inaugural Cherokee National Holiday men’s stickball tournament at Sequoyah Schools’ Thompson Field.The double-elimination tournament using traditional Choctaw rules will start at 8 a.m. Admission is free.

Ethnic groups in Northwest and West coast states under represented in state governments

The Northwest and West Coast states, whose traditional tribal lands include some of the most ethnically diverse cultures in the United States, have very little ethnic representation in state government. 

Alcohol sales on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation Legalized

Federal law bans the sale of alcohol on Native American reservations unless the tribal council allows it. Pine Ridge legalized alcohol for two months in 1970s, but the ban was quickly restored. An attempt to lift prohibition in 2004 also failed.

Native Americans on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation have now voted to end prohibition and legalize alcohol so the tribe can use the profits for education and treatment.

Wes Studi arrested on a charge of aggravated DWI

Wes Studi, who was arrested last week on a charge of aggravated DWI has apologized for his behavior toward police during the arrest.