Pre-Columbian Cultures in North America Timeline

pre-columbian indian cultures in US timeline

Eleven pre-columbian indian cultures lived in north america between 15,000 years ago and 700 A.D.

Kumeyaay Bands

The four indigenous tribes which are native to the County of San Diego in Southern California include the Cahilla, Cupeno, Luiseno, and the Kumeyaay tribes. The Kumeyaay consist of two related groups, the Ipai and Tipai.The two coastal groups’ traditional … Continue reading

Kumeyaay Timeline (10000 BC-2001)

After hundreds of years of archaeological research by experts, and gathering of artifacts from many hundreds of Southern California indigenous sites, it is widely accepted that today’s Kumeyaay tribal members can trace their lineage back to at least 12,000 years in the San Diego area – that’s 600 generations.