Caddo Nation of Oklahoma

The Caddo Nation of Oklahoma is a single federally recognized tribe with its capital at Binger, Oklahoma. The Caddo Nation is a confederacy made up of several Southeastern Native American tribes who traditionally inhabited much of what is now East Texas, northern Louisiana and portions of southern Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Nacisi Tribe Fact Sheet

Brief Summary:

The Nacisi tribe were a small tribe, possibly of Caddoan stock, formerly dwelling in the region of Red River, Louisiana. They were first mentioned by Joutel in 1687, at which time they were at odds with the Cenis (Caddo confederacy). When Bienville and St Denis were exploring the Red River of Louisiana in 1700, they found a village of the Nacisi consisting of 8 houses along the river. They were still in this neighborhood in 1741, but during the 18th century, the Nacisi seem to have drifted southward beyond the border of the French province. From 1790 they are mentioned among the tribes under the jurisdiction of Nacogdoches, in Texas.