Where can I find a war tomahawk?

French pipe hawk traded to Chippewa Indians

Hi Folks ! Where can i Find a war tomahawk? I guess the Indians didn’t fight with a Tomahawk, which is at the same time a peacepipe. The hole throughout the shaft for smoke would make the Tomahawk weak. The back of the blade (Tomahawk) must have been a sharp peak or dull, to crush human head.

Have you a good picture for a Tattoo? I need one as well aa an origanal picture of a Peace pipe. I know the end of a pipe was make of a special stone. What is the name of it? I would be very happy if you can find anybody to send a few pictures of these two things.
~Submitted by Micky From Stockholm, Sweden

Hi Micky,
French pipe hawk traded to Chippewa IndiansActually the combined pipe-tomahawk, or Pipe Hawk as they were referred to in the trade jargon of the Old West, was a popular item in trading with indian tribes of the Plains in the late 1700s to mid 1800s. Often the pipe stem was made of metal as well as the tomahawk/pipe bowl end. The metal shaft was then circled by a wood sleeve so it wouldn’t burn your hand holding on to the metal when the pipe was lit, and giving you a good grip if you needed to use the business end of the weapon, and doubling its strength.

If the shaft was solid wood, it was usually made from a hardwood like hickory or ironwood, so it was still strong even though it was hollowed out for the pipe stem. Ironwood is difficult to cut even today with modern tools becuase of it’s density. So technically, the pipehawk would have been strong enough to use as a weapon. However, you are correct, they usually weren’t used in battle, for other reasons.

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