Is this earring an authentic Mohican design?

QUESTION: Is the earring worn by Russel Means in the role of Chingachgook in the 1992 movie, The Last of the Mohicans, an authentic Mohican design? ~Submitted by Keith H ANSWER: THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS is the second part … Continue reading

Original meanings of fifty tribal names

Here are the meanings of fifty tribal names in their own languages, cross indexed to the names they are known by today.

Help desperately needed on Pine Ridge Rez – people will freeze as temperatures drop to 60 below zero

help the people of Pine Ridge Reservation

South Dakota has been hit with yet another blizzard last night. This severe storm has brought low temperatures of -35 degrees with the wind chill factor. Tonight’s low is expected to be -60 degrees in many areas of Western South … Continue reading

Author seeking Youth Dream Team to preview G Rated Fantasy Novel

Do you know any youth that love to read? I have a “YOUTH DREAM TEAM” free reading project if you want to check it out. You can visit the link below to learn more about it. I provide my unpublished … Continue reading

How can Maashkinoozhe mean ‘Ugly Pike’ when Maash means ‘flower’?


I am doing some research on the Muskellunge. Every web site I go to says the word was based on the Ojibwe word Maashkinoozhe and they say Maashkinoozhe means Ugly Pike. That does not make sense because Maash means flower in Ojibwe. I was wondering if you can tell me what the aborigional word for Muskellunge is?
~Submitted by Gary