Leonard Peltier eligible for parole hearing in December

Leonard Peltier is eligible for a parole hearing in December 2008, after more than thirty-three years in prison. There are several things you can do to help insure this hearing has a positive outcome.

Native burial grounds near Tisch Mills may include Viking ship

A 200-acre wooded site west of Tisch Mills guards its secrets well. Maybe that’s what its original inhabitants intended.But for historian Bruce Vandervest and several other investigators, the site, confirmed to be a sacred Native American burial ground, continues to draw them back in their determination to find out more: a Viking ship also may be part of the find.

Prohibition Party’s interest in Rum River name-change movement

In response to a message about my movement to change the name of Minnesota’s Rum River, a message that was sent to Gene Amondson, the 2008 Presidential nominee for the National Prohibition Party, I received a supportive call from him. We talked about the work we are doing to bring back Prohibition as well as establish dry states, counties and cities, etc. In respect to keeping him updated on the progress of my Rum River name-change movement and associated movement to bring back Prohibition, Amondson told me to call him whenever I would like to. Amondson is an international speaker and he has been on the John Stewart Daily Show once and on the Oprah show twice.