How do I know if ‘Indian Jewelry’ is authentic and made by a real indian?

navajo jewelry

QUESTION: My sister taught school on the reservation in Pine Ridge (Porcupine) about 20 years ago. She will be 50 this year. I am looking to buy her turquoise jewelry. I’d like to know it’s authentic and made by the … Continue reading

Crow Tribe wants to exploit coal

AUTHOR: Mathew Brown They tried casinos on the Crow reservation. The one designed to bring in the biggest crowds, Res-a-Vegas, went broke within a year and has been converted to a fireworks stand. But now the Crow are convinced a … Continue reading

U.S. and states should establish Truth and Reconciliation Commissions

Truth and reconciliation commissions seek to uncover facts and distinguish truth from lies. The process allows for acknowledgement, appropriate public mourning, forgiveness and healing. And if the US House of Representatives passes their version of Brownback’s apology bill and President … Continue reading

When did native americans get the right to vote and drink alcohol?

QUESTION: When did it become legal in Arizona for Native Americans to buy alcohol and to vote?~Submitted by Mel H.

Alcohol Prohibition timeline

The 1933 appeal of prohibition did not apply to native americans. They continued under prohibition laws until 1953, when President Dwight D. Eisenhower Indian prohibition was repealed country-wide. Indian reservations, however, remained dry unless they opted to permit the possession and sale of alcohol on the reservation. Many reservations remain “dry” today.

Proposals to help heal the genocidal wounds of indigenous peoples

In an article published in the Star Tribune, Minnesota’s best-selling state-wide daily newspaper, Jeffrey Kolnick proposed that Minnesota “take a leadership role in the nation in dealing with the legacy of the genocide of indigenous peoples in the Americas”.

Sinixt Lake indians fact sheet

Today the Sinixt, or Lake Indians, as they are also known, live primarily on the Colville Indian Reservation in Washington State, where they form part of the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation, which is recognized by the United States … Continue reading

Oregon tribes, university partner to mentor prospective Native teachers

In order to encourage more Native students to enter the teaching field, the University of Oregon and the nine federally recognized tribes of Oregon partnered to create a master’s degree program. Once students are accepted into the program, their tuition … Continue reading