Sitting Bull exhibit to open at Little Big Horn Museum in June

Sitting Bull didn’t come to Montana to fight at the Little Bighorn, says his great-grandson, Ernie LaPointe. The great Sioux spiritual leader and former war hero came to dance.

‘Obamamania’ hits the Crow Nation

If elected, Obama promises to host an annual summit at the White House with tribal leaders to come up with an agenda for tribal communities while making sure treaty obligations are met while honoring the tribal and federal government relationship.

Top 10 Things Native Americans Can Say To A White Person

Here are the top 10 things american indian people say to white folks.

Some 40 indigenous languages are at risk in the Pacific Northwest

Grass-roots efforts to preserve and teach youngsters native languages are intensifying around the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia as about 40 indigenous tongues are in danger of disappearing within the next decade.

First Zion Canyon Native Flute School

AUTHOR: Bill Brown Something new is coming to Zion Canyon this summer. The people who brought you the Zion Canyon Art and Flute festival, are now proud to present the first Zion Canyon Native Flute School. The school will be … Continue reading

Makah whale hunting

The Makah Indian Nation’s proposal to hunt gray whales has fewer negative impacts than five of six alternatives considered in a draft federal study released May 9. The National Marine Fisheries Service conducted the study of the possible impacts of Makah resuming gray whale hunts, in response to the nation’s request for a waiver of the U.S. Marine Mammal Protection Act. It is accepting public comment on the study until July 8. 

Hillary Clinton Unveils South Dakota Native American Agenda

Hillary Clinton unveiled her proposal to provide increased opportunity and improve the quality of services for South Dakota’s Native American community today. Her plan, grounded in the principle of tribal sovereignty, focuses on job creation, improving the quality of health … Continue reading

Obama Upholds Rights of Cherokees, All Native American Tribes

Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) has stated his opposition to H.R. 2824, an attempt by his fellow Congressional Black Caucus member Rep. Diane Watson (D-CA) to sever government-to-government relations with the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma because of an on-going dispute between … Continue reading

Obama becomes Barack Black Eagle

US Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama became an honorary member
of a native American tribe today and promised policies to help tribal
people if he wins the White House in November.

Battle of Steptoe Butte

The relatively little-known Battle of Steptoe Butte was a major turning point in the white takeover of the Inland Northwest. The battle was also a rare example in Washington of the Army fighting Indian warriors straight up.

The situation was desperate for Lt. Col. Edward Steptoe and his men, down to their last few rounds of ammunition after a day of fighting Indian warriors from numerous tribes.

But darkness came, and Steptoe’s force managed to escape, ending a battle 150 years ago that eventually led to the brutal subjugation of the tribes in the Inland Northwest.

Looking for relatives of Clark, Clarke, Cumbers, or Cummberlaw

I’m in search of my history. My mother’s mother was on an indian reservation in upstate New York. All I know is her first name Rachael or Rachel might have been Clark, Clarke, Cumbers, or Cummberlaw.

Actor Adam Beach has a plan

One of Canada’s most prominent First Nations film stars, Adam Beach, has a plan to get more aboriginal stories into movie theatres and onto the airwaves.

Did the Apache and Sioux intermarry?

I know this may be a strange question and i am sorry if it seems not right to ask, but i was wondering if there had been any sioux – apache weddings? Meaning the girl was apache and the boy sioux? There is a very valid reason for this question but I am not allowed to talk about it. Only to ask. Please can you go back as to 14-15 hundred years. Or after.

   ~Submitted by Kerry S.


I suppose it could be possible, through trade routes or captive prisoners taken in raids and later traded, but 14-1500 years ago the Apache and Sioux tribes lived in very different regions of the US, separated by mountain ranges and great distances, and they were neither neighbors, enemies or friends. There was very little, if any, contact between those two tribes before the reservation era.

In ancient times, the Apache people were once a part of the Navajo tribe. Traditional Apache territory was in Arizona, New Mexico and Old Mexico, while the Sioux were originally from Minnesota and around the great lakes in Michigan and Wisconsin.

Cherokee Center Puts Documentation Services Online

The Cherokee Heritage Documentation Center now provides a quick and simple way for people of Cherokee blood to register online, document their heritage, and learn more about who they are.

Do indian reservations need summer volunteers?

Do indian reservations need summer volunteers? I am a 17 year old junior in high school and would like to do some volunteer work this summer with another culture.

 ~Submitted by Cindy T.


Hi Cindy,

Yes, there are many opportunities to volunteer on indian reservations. These volunteer programs usually charge a nominal fee to cover your food and housing during your stay, and you have to pay your own transportation, which is usually tax deductible as a charitable donation. You will be expected to work a set number of hours each week you are there, but will also have the opportunity to interact with the community and learn something about their culture.

Here is a partial list:

I’m related to Pocahontas. Can I enroll in her tribe?

QUESTION: We have recently traced my husband’s roots to Pocahontas. His Grandmother had always told him there was a relation, but he never had any proof. He is now interested in joining a tribe. Is this something that is completed … Continue reading