Were the Arickaree tribe from the Kansas City, Kansas area?

QUESTION: Were the Arickaree Indians ever in Kansas City, Kansas in Wyandotte County? We live in a housing addition called Arickaree Addition on the papers from when we purchased the house. A woman said the Arickarees were never in Kansas. … Continue reading

You might be an Indian Jedi if…

You might be an Indian Jedi if…

Indian thoughts on chickens crossing the road

Why did the chicken cross the road? Here’s the Indian perspective.

Chaco and Mesa Verde: Southwest parks with similar history but different visitor experiences

Mesa Verde National Park, in Colorado’s southwest corner, offers visitors a look at the life of the Ancestral Pueblo people. The park is home to 600 cliff dwellings, where Ancestral Puebloans lived for more than 700 years. Chaco’s main draw is Pueblo Bonito, one of the most extensively excavated and studied sites in North America. Center of the Chacoan world and occupied from the mid-800s to 1200s, it was a four-story masonry “great house” with more than 600 rooms and 40 kivas.

Siberian language may be related to Nadene languages

A remote population of a few hundred indigenous Siberians who live thousands of miles west of Alaska speak a language that appears to be an ancient relative of more than three dozen Native languages in North America, experts say.

A panel of respected linguists who met in Anchorage on Friday are hailing new research that links the Old World language of Ket, still spoken sparingly along the Yenisei River in western Siberia, and the sprawling New World family of Na-Dene languages — a broad grouping that encompasses the many Athabascan tribes in Alaska, along with the Tlingit and Eyak people, as well as Indian populations in western Canada and the American Southwest, including the Navajo and the Apache.

Poop fossil proves human habitation in North America 14,340 years ago

New evidence shows humans lived in North America more than 14,000 years ago, 1,000 years earlier than had previously been known.

A salute to Native baseball players

The Iroquois Indian Museum will present “Baseball’s Leagueof Nations: A Tribute to Native American Baseball Players,” opening in April and running through December 2008. An opening reception and benefit party for the museum will be held April5 from 3 – … Continue reading

Voice your opinion on renaming Squaw Peak to ‘Piestewa Peak’

AUTHOR: Connie Cone Sexton Will feds pick ‘Piestewa Peak’?Board to vote on idea as 5-year wait ends. It’s not too late to voice your opinion, but time is running out. Five years after the issue set off a political storm … Continue reading

Standing Horse wins Powwow Idol contest

Decades of experience accompanied the first Powwow Idol contest winners. Yet, they have been performing together less than a year. Standing Horse, a Rapid City-based group, came out on top in a seven-month national online contest involving drum groups from … Continue reading