Native American themed checks

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photography competition for Native students

AUTHOR: Jonny BearCub NativeEnergy is searching for innovative photographs and images of renewable “Energy in Action” to promote clean and renewable energy sources. NativeEnergy is sponsoring a photography competition for Native students attending a tribal college in the United States. … Continue reading

New Aboriginal Film Site on the Web

Independant Aboriginal films from around the world are being hosted on a new Canadian website. Inuit filmmaker Zacharias Kunuk and his co-producer Norman Cohn grabbedworldwide attention for their film Atanarjuat (The Fast Runner) when it wona medal at the 2001 … Continue reading

TV Review: 1st segment of Comanche Moon mini-series

Reg Seeton Filmmakers take note; if you’re looking for an actor to hold up yourWestern, call Steve Zahn. With that out of the way, the long awaitedprequel to the popular Lonesome Dove books-turned-mini-series debuted onCBS on Sunday, January 13. After … Continue reading

Wes Studi, back with host of colorful characters for Comanche Moon mini series

It’s been nearly 20 years since Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones introduced television viewers to the charismatic Texas Rangers Augustus “Gus” McCrae and Woodrow F. Call.

Based on the characters featured in the Larry McMurtry novel of the same name, 1989’s “Lonesome Dove” set the standard for the TV miniseries. His prequel to that classic tale is “Comanche Moon.” It promises to spark a similar reaction from viewers when the first of three parts airs Sunday on CBS.

Wes Studi Filmography

Wes Studi has appeared in 52 film and television productions, including 500 Nations, Big Guns Talk, Broken Chains, Crazy Horse, Dances With Wolves, Deep Rising, The Doors, Heat, Highlander, Ice Planet, The Killing Jar, Lone Justice 2, The Last of the Mohicans, Mystery Men, Ned Blessings, Pow Wow Highway, Geronimo: An America Legend, Comanche Moon, Streets of Laredo, Mystery Men, The New World, Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee and Seraphim Falls.

Wes Studi, Cherokee actor

Wes Studi, native american actor

Wesley Studie was born December 17, 1947, at Norfire Hollow, Oklahoma,near Tahlequah. He was the eldest of four sons of Andy Studie, a ranch hand, and Maggie Nofire. Wesley is a full blood Cherokee. He later dropped the “e” from his last name when he began his acting career and shortened his first name to Wes. Wes Studi did not become an actor until he was 40 years old.

Shoshone try to gain ownership of historic Washakie Cemetery

The patch of ground isn’t much to look at. Surrounded by sagebrush and tall, dry grass on a hillside just south of the Idaho state line, there’s no water – and the only access is a two-track dirt path. But looks deceive.

The parcel, just shy of 5 acres, is the resting place of more than 200 Northwestern Shoshones, including Sagwitch, the chief who led survivors of the 1863 Bear River Massacre into the Mormon Church.

Jazz legend Hampton had bond with Nez Perce

AUTHOR: Jennifer K. Bauer Jazz legend Lionel Hampton had a special relationship with the Nez Perce people. It started near the end of his life, in the 1990s when he was in his 80s and first visited the reservation to … Continue reading

Lakota Freedom Delegation not sanctioned by Sioux tribes

On December 19, 2007, Russell Means and the Lakota Freedom Delegation, also known as Lakotah Oyate, went to Washington, D.C.and hand-delivered a letter, signed by the Delegation, to the U.S. StateDepartment claiming that the Lakota Indian Tribe was declaring that … Continue reading

American indian place names

About half of the states and many modern towns in the US got their names from American Indian words. The name of Kentucky comes from an Iroquoian word (Kentahten), which means “land of tomorrow.”

Most censored indigenous issues of 2007